We honor veterans.

Tim at Memorial of Fallen Friend Tim at Memorial of Fallen Friend Tim In Iraq. Tim In Iraq.

We support the 2nd amendment

Sandman Armory is a veteran owned and operated Limited Liability Company located in the beautiful resort community of Ruidoso, New Mexico, located in a valley surrounded by the Lincoln National Forest. Specializing in the sale of premium firearms and equipment for Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilians, we supply customers new to shooting, experienced competitive shooters, hunters, or collectors, bringing experience to help find the gear and supplies for all shooting needs.

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Timothy Prather

Timothy is a 100% service connected disabled veteran from the US Marine Corps Infantry and serves as the manager of Sandman Armory LLC. He was deployed on many combat missions in Operation Iraqi Freedom and comes from a long line of military veterans in every generation going back to the American Revolution. After being medically discharged from the Marines, he and his wife moved to Ruidoso, New Mexico where he immediately began meeting with citizens from the small resort community. After 9 years he has come to know multitudes of people in Ruidoso. Timothy has over 10 years of experience in sales of Military and Law Enforcement equipment including Night Vision, Body Armor, and firearms sales. He is an NRA certified instructor in Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun and is certified in personal protection inside the home and outside the home.


H.R. Prather

H.R. is a retired USAF Master Sergeant and disabled veteran with 22 years of honorable service, serving in Turkey and Canada, among other remote assignments throughout his career. He continued serving our country after retiring from the Air Force by supervising the Otero County DWI program from which he retired.H.R. is an avid collector and shooter of vintage firearms and has over 40 years of experience in the appraisal and acquisition of collector and vintage weapons. He has extensive knowledge of the laws pertaining to the business and experience in educating the public regarding all aspects of use and care of all types of firearms. His experience in government procurement and contract bidding are essential to aiding law enforcement and the military in acquiring their exact needs.

Sandman Armory specializes in the sale of vintage service weapons from the classic Mosin-Nagant that has been in service since 1891 to the more modern tactical weapons, like the AR-15 (the civilian equivalent of the M16 A4 that is currently in use by the US Military). We also carry firearms for home safety, target shooting, hunting, survival, and any other need you may have. Building our own custom AR15s and related accessories, beginning with the stripped lower receivers for the AR15 and AR10 platforms is our first goal for use of our manufacturing license. We do FFL transfers for buyers all over the US. Have your purchase sent to us and we’ll do the transfer. We’ll call you when it gets here and do the transfer in the store. We have a complete line of accessories, cleaning supplies, ammunition, survival equipment, and other related products. Ladies, we haven’t forgotten you. Our products include concealed carry purses, tasers, pepper spray, and other items along with our promotional garments.

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Classes and training: concealed carry, personal protection, home safety, target shooting , and firearm manipulation classes  are also built into our service plan. Keep an eye on our web site where we will give 30 days notification of upcoming classes with opportunities to register and pay online and with complete details for the classes. Need to rent a firearm for the class you plan to take? Rent one right here in our store and if you like it and decide to buy it, the rental fee goes toward the price of the firearm. We’ll help you get the best fit for your needs and uses in your firearm selection.